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Lack-less Laundry Rooms

Today I've combed every corner of cyber space to find what I deem the best of the best in Laundry Rooms. My version of a perfect laundry room has a sink...and an uncluttered surface for folding as well as a rod for hanging clothes. It has windows, and tons of storage. But lets face it, we don't all have that kind of real estate to sacrifice to our utilities.

So for those of you look for some inspiration, look no further. These Laundry Rooms range in size but in their beauty, they all get the job done.

greige laundry room

by Geoff Chick & Assoc.


white laundry room with wood counters and steele canvas laundry bin


white laundry room with hanging space

Barlow Reid Design

Photo. Kerri Torrey

laundry closet with tile

Clean Design

Donna Dotan Photography

teal laundry room with counter above washer and dryer

Ashley Wii Design

Kate Osborne Photography

gray laundry room cabinetry

Bradshaw Designs, LLC

Jennifer Siu-Riveria Photography

tan laundry room with sink

Brooks & Falotico

Jeff McNamera Photography

laundry cabinet

gray laundry room teal tile

Brandon Architects

Jeri Koegel Photography

laundry mudroom

laundry with dog bath

Smith & Vansant Architects

Rob Karosis Photography

black checker board floor

Kristi Spouse Interiors



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